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While telling someone the other day that I wasn’t certain what I should say to you in this message, I was asked about when I first joined a Federated woman’s club. This made me think about my Federation experience and what it has meant to me in my 38 years of membership.

As a young mother, I joined GFWC Heritage Junior Woman’s Club for adult, fe- male interaction outside my home and to make a difference in the lives of oth- ers by volunteering. I gained so much from this membership making life-long friends—many of whom I would never have met outside the club—and growing personally through the roles and responsibilities I took on in club work.

Moving forward through the years as my children became adults and I was no longer a true Junior in age at least, I was excited to become a charter member of GFWC Legacy and to serve as its president in the 2004-06 administration. I’ll never forget those years as we worked to establish this club and sell mums so we could do projects in our community.

Now twenty-two years later, as the busy grandmother of five and wife to a semi- retired husband, I have the privilege of serving as your club president again. I can’t wait to see all that we are going to accomplish over the next two years, but most importantly I can’t wait to see the new friendships that are formed.

In service,

Valerie Sharp

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